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“You are unique and therefore require an individual approach to your diet. I will teach you how to manage and balance your diet in a way that will set you up for lifelong success. I will guide you, support you and help keep you accountable! Your goals and dreams are possible!! All it takes is consistency and determination!! The days of yo-yo dieting, restrictive eating, fad diets and trendy weight loss products are over. You can lose the weight and keep it off for the rest of your life!!”



Don’t be a slave to the treadmill!  Find activity that you love and are passionate about!



Your diet should serve you, not  the other way around!  Learn how balance and moderation are the key to lifelong success.



No quick fixes, meal replacement shakes, wraps, or appetite suppressants can make up for bad habits.  They simply do not work for the long term.  I will teach you how to create habits that are manageable and realistic! 


3 Key Factors

to transform your life

Establish A Plan

Get a personalized macro plan to reach your goals

Food is the base

Flexible meal planning for every lifestyle!

Stay Active See Results

Achieve better results by exercising regularly

Stop the Rollercoaster

Flex dieting isn't a fad. It works!

Client Transformations

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"The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be."

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Don't just take my word for it

Hear what my clients are saying

I've been on many diets and weight loss trends over the years, but always had a problem sticking to them without getting bored. Flex dieting with Kristina has given me the freedom to eat without depriving myself, which curbs the cravings for junk food. I can treat myself without feeling guilty of messing up my diet.

Michelle Bordonaro

Kristina's knowledge and expertise in nutrition has made a huge impact on my life. I look better, feel better, and have more strength and endurance in the gym. Her approach has me making smarter choices without depriving myself of the foods I love to eat.

Frank Bordonaro

I've worked with Kristina for 6 months and I feel better now then ever! I've dropped body fat, built more muscle, have more energy, and managed to stay healthy during the winter month sickies. I've been able to take my take my workouts to the next level and really maximize my efforts in the gym to achieve the body I want. All of this comes from eating correctly! Working with her has brought a lot of balance, guidance and confidence to my eating. I was off track and had no idea. It takes hard work and discipline but the rewards are unending! The concept is genius and highly effective. Food is fuel and medicine when used correctly! Love it and love her! Trust the process and be patient, she knows what she is doing! You will be pleased!

Erin C.

"I had been doing Crossfit for over a year with no changes to my diet and was getting stronger but I was just not losing the baby weight (and my daughter is 2!). I noticed a couple of girls from my gym start to outlift me AND they were also visibly losing inches and looking really toned. I learned they were doing Flex Dieting with Kristina and I started to wonder how much faster my progress would be if I focused on my eating habits. I work full time and am always busy, so it took some practice getting used to measuring out food and planning my day, but I have lost 13 pounds in about 8 weeks and can see definition in my arms and back! That's not even the best part. Instead of feeling completely paralyzed in the grocery store about what I should and shouldn't eat, I'm very clear about what I need to eat, how much I should eat, and when I should eat it to get the most out of the hard work I putting in the gym. I feel in control and we're saving a ton of money by preparing meals at home. Kristina is very realistic and she recognizes the impact of everything from hormones to holidays and how they can turn food into an emotional or social activity instead of fuel. She eats the same way she coaches us to eat, so she has an arsenal of tricks on how to make it simple and doable. I have learned so much from Kristina and I'm so glad I've put in the time to become more knowledgeable about such an essential part of my health and life." Best, Lindsey

Lindsey B.

Kristina provides a personalized, accountable, and positive approach to not only just eating, but overall wellness that is unsurpassed. I have never in my 38 years had SO MUCH ENERGY!! This approach to eating has made me feel nothing but healthy and strong. I have been able to enhance parts of my life that I have never had the energy for, especially having 2 small children. I bring more to the table as a wife, mother, and athlete. I have absolute control, there has never been a meal I felt I had to “work off”. I have never been hungry, and I have never felt any restriction over what I can/can’t eat. Kristina has provided a program and perspective that has permanently impacted me and my relationship and understanding of food.

Amy A.

This is the only way to "diet!" I've tried it all and nothing worked for me. My weight became so out of control that I started experiencing health issues and noticed huge differences in my day-to-day life. I started working with Kristina 3 months ago and have already lost 17lbs! The Flex Method is easy, fun, and the only approach I have every been able to stick with. I will be forever grateful to Kristina for teaching me how to change my life!

Brianna G.

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Intro Consult
Perfect for people who are interested in learning about flexible dieting and what the program entails.
30 minute 1 on 1 consult
Detailed outline of the flex method program
Answers to any questions or concerns you have regarding your diet
Individual Plan
$249 Start up then $79/month
This plan is perfect for someone who needs more guidance and instruction to get started.
First month of coaching included
A detailed Flex Method plan carefully constructed & customized to YOU!
Weekly check-in through email
Access to the Flex Method Facebook group
Weight, body fat analysis & measurements
Suggested foods list & meal ideas
45 min 1 on 1 consultation where I teach you everything you need to know about Flexible Dieting
Couples Plan
$329 Start up then $139/month
This is a great option for couples who want to achieve their nutrition goals together.
First month of coaching included
A detailed Flex Method plan carefully constructed & customized to YOU!
Weekly check-in through email
Access to the Flex Method Facebook group
Body fat analysis
Weekly motivational email
Suggested foods list and meal ideas
Add a couples consultation for $60
Macro Designation
Not interested in being monitored? No problem! Receive a custom macro breakdown according to your fitness goals!


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